a family business, built on a need for wearable fashion in a smalltown! 

Eloise Raye (formerly known as The Pink Pig), opened its doors in March 2013.  What once started out as a mix of women's, children's + home decor, quickly evolved into an exclusively women's clothing boutique in 2015!  Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago surrounded by endless shops, Angie recognized the need for a more meaningful shopping experience for ladies in her local area.  She turned a lifelong passion for everything style+fashion, into a dream come true!  Angie is a full time pig veterinarian + her family farms, which inspired the original name for the boutique. Angie + Jake love being able to show their kids what hard work + following your passions can lead to.  Angie changed the stores name to Eloise Raye in 2020 to better reflect the direction the store had become!
"We are a very close knit team that feels more like a family!  It is super important that every team member is passionate not only about the clothing, but also the customers we serve. Working at Eloise Raye means putting your heart into doing what you love, which is truly rewarding when we see the difference we make in our customers lives. "



Angie Supple

Owner + Founder

Busy + chaos is her middle name. The mom of 5 thrives off of no sleep, diet Pepsi, and impending deadlines. Angie has always had a passion for fashion + science! So naturally she pursued veterinarian medicine with a side of boutique life! Angie opened the boutique with the intent of inspiring women and helping them find their sense of style. She is truly thankful that through owning a small business, she is able to give back not only within her small community, but also to many others! 


Haylee Hoffman 

Graphic Designer + Marketing Manager    

Haylee keeps the website looking good in more ways than one! She maintains the technical behind the scenes of the website + designs anything and everything for the boutique! If you have ever enjoyed any of our ads + graphics, that's all her! 


Jake Supple 

The "Self-Titled" Bearded Creative Director    

The man who wears many hats. He LOVES to chime in and give his two cents on the boutique and we all listen. Not only does he help out when situations get "hairy" but he can build you anything from a shiplap wall to a clothing rack. His most valuable trait would have to be his ability to finish Angie's projects in the unrealistic time frame she imagines AND he does it with a smile on his face.